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Las Vegas Disc Golf Club

2017 Las Vegas Disc Golf Club


Presented by LEGACY DISCS

October 27-29, 2017 at Sunset Park


I wanted to give a huge thanks to Jesse Hynie for doing a great job as TD for the Halloween Classic.  Jesse had a lot of help from Chris Arnold, Jeff Jacquart, Scott Merritt, Pam Madrid, Jessica Jacquart, James, Steffen, Nick Mountain, and many others that I would also like to thank.

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​​​MONDAY Night Doubles at WildHorse Golf Course is on hold till Late Spring. 

TUESDAY Night Doubles is waiting for someone to take over for where Sparta left off. 

Wednesday - Random doubles at Sunset Park

5:30 tee $7 ($5 Payout & $2 Ace Pot)

Thursday Random doubles at Mt. Crest Park at 5:00 tee time $6 ($5 Payout & $1 Ace Pot)

Friday - Night doubles at North Las Vegas (NLV) at 6:30 - $12 ($6 green fee + $6 for payout w/ace pot). Contact Breese Keinle \ Mark Wynantts.​


NOTE:  I find it much easier to make any needed changes to the site if I know what they are.

All tee times are close and fees are accurate.​​

Updated 04/12/2017

December Bag Tag


2018 Board Elections

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

at Sunset Park

ALL Divisions Sign ups 8:00-8:45

LAST Sign up taken at 8:45 Tee at 9:00


Saturday, December 16th, 2017

at WildHorse Disc Golf Course

More Information coming soon